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Burgers Supreme- Provo, UT


Burgers Supreme has been a Utah County staple for over 29 years! Each morning we receive fresh produce and meat so that every time you eat one of our amazing burgers it tastes delicious. We provide fast and friendly customer service to help you feel welcome inside our restaurant. Our on-site catering services will exceed your expectations when it comes to your company or family party being catered. And with our large and varied menu, its no wonder that we have

"Something For Everyones Taste"

Happy, Friendly Employee
Fresh Ingredients
Burgers Supreme Catering


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If you like freshly cooked burgers and fries, then you will LOVE what we have to offer! With Burgers Supreme Catering, our great menu and friendly service is available to you outside of our restaurant. For more information on how we can cater your event, visit our catering and FAQ's pages! 

Burgers Supreme Catering
Burgers Supreme Catering


Monday-Thursday  10:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Friday- Saturday  10:30 AM to 11:00 PM

Closed Sunday 

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