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Q. What is your Frequent Diner Program and how can I join?


A. By filling out a paper application inside our restaurant you can become part of an exclusive group in which you can earn points towards free food. For every dollar you spend you receive a point, getting you closer to earning free cookies, ice cream cones, or a combo meal!

Q. How many points do I have to earn to get certain coupons? 

A. Listed below are the specific point levels you must reach in order to earn coupons as a frequent diner. 











Q. How do I get Burgers Supreme to cater my event? 


A. Call us at 801-623-0989 or send us an email through our contact form and we are happy to set up an event for you based on the date you'd like and our availability. As a general rule we need a minimum of 7 days notice before your event. 



Q. What does Burgers Supreme Catering provide at an event?


A. Our catering prices include plates, napkins, utensils, and condiments such as fry sauce, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Burgers Supreme Catering provides all of our own cooking equipment and serving tables. However, we do not provide tables or chairs for your guests to eat at.


Q. What food does Burgers Supreme Catering serve at an event?


A. You get to decide what food will be served at your event. We offer several of your favorite items from our restaurant. You can find a menu here!

Q. How far will Burgers Supreme travel to cater an event?


A. We typically cater events in Utah and Salt Lake County, but we will gladly accommodate your event location for the right price! Contact us with any questions about your event location.


35 pts - Ice Cream cone

70 pts - Jr. Shake

90 pts - Combo Meal

170 pts - Combo Meal

235 pts - Med. Shake

260 pts - Combo Meal

335 pts - Combo Meal

410 pts - Combo Meal