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Our on-site catering services will exceed your expectations when it comes to having your event catered. We provide delicious and fresh meat, buns, condiments, salad, fries, and more. With Burgers Supreme Catering your company party, wedding, church activity, or family reunion is sure to impress your guests. Fill out our online form or call us at 801-623-0989 for any questions and to schedule your event! 





Entrees *All Prices are Ala Carte   

Hamburger/Cheeseburger (Includes bun, lettuce, tomato, fry sauce, and/or ketchup and mustard)  $8.99

Chicken Sandwich (Includes bun, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise)  $7.99

Hot Dog (Includes bun, ketchup and mustard)  $5.99


Side Orders *All Prices are Ala Carte 

French Fries (Includes fry sauce)   $4.29

Potato Salad  $3.29

Macaroni Salad  $3.29

Caesar Salad   $2.99

Assorted Fruit   $3.99

Beverages (Bottled Water, Assorted Soda)  $1.99


Desserts *All Prices are Ala Carte 

Cookies (Variety)  $1.49

Brownies (Frosted)  $1.49




Quoted Prices Include 


Heavy paper goods, condiments, buffet setup, and one and a half hours of buffet service beginning at the customer's chosen start time for the event.


Events requiring longer buffet service will be charged accordingly. Additional charges may apply when an event’s planned start time is delayed.





additional information


Special menu items are available upon request. 


$1,000 minimum food order required. 


Sales and Restaurant taxes are not included.


All prices are subject to change without notice. 

All final prices will be provided to you in a written bid from Burgers Supreme Catering.


Delicious and fresh meat
Burgers Supreme Catering

Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ's page

before contacting us!

Burgers Supreme Catering
Burgers Supreme Catering
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